Better Finance Solutions

When you need money fast, it’s quick and easy to apply for a loan. 

Need Money Fast? Start Your FreshPath $4,000 $2,250 $3,350 $1,500 Cash Loan Now!

FreshPath: Better Finance Solutions

FreshPath offers cash loans of up to $4,000 for when you need some extra cash now. Our application process is quick and easy, which means that we can provide a fast cash loan paid directly into your bank account when you need it.

The difference with a FreshPath Cash Loan is our low establishment & monthly fees, along with our commitment and core belief that ALL lending should be:

  • Responsible
  • Fair
  • Ethical

FreshPath is part of Foresters. This means that we use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Cash Loans of up to $4,000: Direct To Your Bank Account

25 %
Establishment Fee
20 %
Monthly Fee

FreshPath: Simple Repayments With No Hidden Fees or Charges

If you are happy with the repayment amounts above and have a minimum annual income of $35,000 (excluding any government benefits) you are likely to be eligible. 

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