About Us

Foresters Community Finance is an ethical lender with a mission to use money for the financially excluded. We loan money that is entrusted to us to make loans up to $4,000 to individuals who cannot access finance elsewhere at reasonable rates.

Foresters is a community who are all working towards one goal – helping create lasting financial social change to the financially excluded. Foresters have a long, proud history stretching back to the Friendly Society movement in the 1850’s.

Our purpose is to assist our community to prosper by connecting people to help each other achieve their financial goals.

We provide fast and affordable loans to people and organisations to help them take control of their financial situation. Over the past five years, we’ve been successfully helping to improve the financial wellbeing of people who don’t have access to mainstream lenders.

We also offer a range of investment products to investors who are looking for a financial and social return.

We aim to create positive social, cultural and environmental impact while generating a financial return for our investors.

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