Cash Loan

Cash Loans

Loans for when you just need some cash.

Freshpath is a cash loan of up to $4000 with options to repay over up to one year.

Loans can be approved within hours and we can get the money into your bank account the next day.

Get a Cash Loan Fast ... 3 Easy Steps

You apply online at freshpath.com.au

If you have a minimum income of $35,000 (excluding any government benefits) before tax you are likely to be eligible.  As a minimum you will need to provide:

An electronic copy of your Medicare card, drivers license or passport or another electronic form of proof of identification
You will need to provide us with the last 90 days of bank statements (also electronically)

All your documents will need to be in your personal name – we don’t provide loans to business or company accounts.

Our loan assessment team reviews your application – they will be in touch if your application is unfinished or missing anything and once we have everything we need.

If your application is approved, you can access your funds the day after from the bank account you provided us.

Transparent and Fair Finance

Freshpath is a product of Foresters Community Finance who were the first not-for-profit to offer small and medium sized loans online. Foresters has a mission of financial inclusion so we try to keep our fees as low as possible and put any profits back into making our fees and charges lower.
If you make your scheduled repayments on time, by the due dates you will only end up paying the establishment fee and the monthly fee

If you are having difficulty meeting your repayments, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible so we can talk through options to help you avoid dishonour and default fees.

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